Nothing Close to Home

Nothing Close to Home

Generation Rift #1

4.33 on Goodreads

Audience: new adult (18+)

Genre: post-apocalyptic science fantasy

Length: ~36,000 words

Release date:

  • July 23, 2024 (e-book)
  • July 30, 2024 (paperback)


  • 978-1-7388124-5-5 (e-book)
  • 978-1-7781397-6-5 (paperback)

Don't get caught.

Twenty-year-old Léa Young is hungry. In the three years since the Rift tore through her hometown of Kenyonville, gifting the young people with strange powers and causing most of the mature adults to flee, she’s learned to depend on nobody but herself. It’s hard to trust anyone when each interaction could be her last. Desperate for food, she takes a job ripping off a rival boss on the far side of town. The last thing she plans on is getting caught.

Besides the ability to shoot pink energy from his fingertips, Viktor has another superpower: being annoying. But he’s also close with Niesha, the boss who runs the territory on the northeast side of town. Léa’s not about to be picky; if making a fake alliance gets her something to eat, she’s not going to let a little thing like Mr. Tall, Dark, and Infuriating stand in her way.

Léa thinks she’s got everything figured out. She knows she doesn’t want an alliance.

But maybe what she needs is more important than what she wants.

Available in e-book & paperback formats.

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