Something is very wrong with these children.


Not Safe for Kids

A Young Adult Novelette

Audience: young adult (15+)

Genre: fairy tale-inspired contemporary (1990s) fantasy

Length: ~9,500 words

language, illness (diarrhea)

Release date:

  • January 3, 2022 (e-book)


  • 978-1-7777446-6-3 (e-book)

Sixteen-year-old Courtney hadn’t planned on babysitting that Saturday afternoon, but when her best friend bails on a job and tells the mom Courtney will be there in her place, she doesn’t really feel like she can refuse. And, anyway, it’s just a few hours. What could possibly go wrong?

Combine one small cheese pizza, a jump rope, an open flame, and a kid who’s read one too many fairy tales, and what do you end up with? An afternoon Courtney will never forget.

Available in e-book.

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