I wouldn’t have chosen to set this story in a mall. But maybe it’s not my story, anyway…



Elements of Mind: Book Four

Audience: young adult (16+)

Genre: metaphysical fantasy

Length: ~37,000 words

Release date:

  • August 1, 2023 (e-book)


  • 978-1-7388124-2-4 (e-book)

I finally know what’s going on. Sort of. But it doesn’t matter. Cash Lincoln is out of my life.

Until he’s not.

When I run into him in the mall food court a few weeks before Christmas, I think it’s just a chance encounter. That’s what he thinks, too.

But it soon becomes apparent that we still have some sort of connection—even though we both thought it was broken during our last encounter. Here we are, stuck in a dark mall, while things get weird again. Weird… and watery. The mall starts to flood. A sailing ship appears in the parking lot. Pirates roam the halls. And a familiar figure stalks us once more.

As our fears emerge from the shadows to test us, I find myself faced with something I didn’t think I would get: a second chance. But am I brave enough to admit what I want? Or is it too late to salvage a connection that’s been challenged by months of angst, doubt… and really weird narrative choices?

Elements of Mind is a metaphysical fantasy quartet that celebrates the power of stories… and the people who create them. Join Sadie on her elemental adventure today!

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