Today’s forecast: Smoky with a chance of dragons.



Elements of Mind: Book Two

Audience: young adult (16+)

Genre: metaphysical fantasy

Length: ~26,000 words

Release date:

  • June 6, 2023 (e-book)


  • 978-1-7388124-0-0 (e-book)

I never thought I’d see Cash Lincoln again after he gave me a ride home from the library a few months ago. But when I take my dog for a morning walk in an unfamiliar neighbourhood, there he is, all sweaty and annoying, and just as cute as I remember. When he offers me air conditioning and a cold drink, I don’t refuse.

And that’s when things start to get weird again.

Before I know it, I’m in another bizarre scenario, almost as weird as trying to combat a zombie horde in the library. This time, though, the problem is a dragon… and it seems intent on destroying the entire neighbourhood.

My life was never this imperilled before I met Cash. Something’s going on. But I better figure it out fast… or we might both end up as crispy dragon snacks.

Elements of Mind is a metaphysical fantasy quartet that celebrates the power of stories… and the people who create them. Join Sadie on her elemental adventure today!

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