What if your best friend went where you couldn't follow?


Two Between Worlds

Audience: young adult (15+)

Genre: magical realism

Length: ~69,000 words

Release date:

  • October 19, 2021 (e-book & print)


  • 978-1-7777446-0-1 (hardcover)
  • 978-1-7777446-1-8 (paperback)
  • 978-1-7777446-2-5 (e-book)

Two friends. Two worlds. One big decision.

Ari and Eph have been best friends since they were seven. Ari has anxiety. Eph deals with physical disabilities. But their support for each other is a constant as they face the many challenges of growing up.

When Ari starts to feel an attraction to her best friend, she makes a big mistake, causing a chain of events that leads to paranormal weirdness . . . and Eph being hurtled into a parallel universe.

As secrets are revealed and talents are uncovered, Ari and Eph must both decide which world they want to live in . . . and if that new life will include their best friend.

Available in hardcover, paperback, and e-book.

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